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Scanning event QR codes using the Wild Apricot App for Admins

Scanning the QR code on an event registration using the Wild Apricot App for Admins can be used to record attendance at an event. For details on the Wild Apricot App for Admins, click here. Instructions on how to use the app to check in registrants using QR codes are given below.

Checking in registrants using QR codes

If the registration confirmation email for your event contains a QR code, then registrants can present a printed or digital copy of their confirmation so you can check them in by scanning the QR code in the email.

To check in a registrant using a QR code, go to the event details tab for the event then tap the Check in with QR code option.

Then, hold your mobile device up to the registrant's QR code within their registration confirmation email.

The first time you choose this option, you will be prompted to allow the app to access the camera on your mobile device.

If the registration stored in the QR code is a valid registration for the current event, and the registrant hasn't already been checked in, then a message will be displayed indicating that the registrant has been successfully checked in.

If the registration includes guests, the guests will not be checked in using the QR code. To check in the registrant's guests, tap the registrant's name to view their registration details and check in the guests from there.

To check in another registrant, click the Scan another code option then scan the next QR code.

If the registration is unpaid, a message to that effect will appear, and the registrant will not be checked in.

To check in a registrant with an unpaid registration, tap the circle to the left of the registrant's name and choose one of the check-in options.

If the registration is for a different event, then the registrant will not be checked in, and a message will appear identifying the event.

If the QR code does not include registration information for one of your events, then a message will appear indicating that the QR code is invalid.

Checking in registrants without QR codes

To check in a registrant without a QR code, tap the open circle beside the registrant's name, within the registrants list or within the registration details.

A check mark indicates that the registrant has been checked in. To undo a check in, tap the check mark beside the checked in registrant's name.

If you are checking in a registrant who hasn't fully paid the registration fee, you will be asked whether you want to check in the registrant with or without payment.

To check in a single guest, tap the open circle beside the name of the guest or the number of guests (depending on your guest registration settings). If there are multiple guests without contact or registration information under a particular registration, you tap the open circle then select the number of guests to be checked in.

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