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Paint Woollahra Village Exhibition - October 2023

Over 80 artists and guests attended the opening of the Paint Woollahra Village Exhibition and announcement of the prize winners on Monday, October 9 at Fellia Melas Gallery in Woollahra. With over 90 entries of a very high standard, we are very grateful to judges Steven Alderton, CEO of the National Art School, and Rebecca Puharich, Creativity Director for Victor Churchill, for taking on the difficult job of choosing the winners. Congratulations go to:

1st prize, $2,500: Gregory Fambart, “Rainbow Woollahra Alley

2nd Prize, $1,000: Sally West, “Moncur Street”

3rd Prize, $500: Nick Beckhurst, “Jersey Road Sunset”

Highly commended : Sally Aurisch, “Yena, Queen Street Flower Shop”

Highly commended : Viraj Tandon, “A Queen’s Boulevarde”

Photographs of all the winning entries are below. A big thanks to our photographer, Paul Mcguire, for these great shots.

Paint Woollahra Village is kindly sponsored by Victor Churchill, Fellia Melas Gallery and The Shark Island Institute.

1st Prize - “Rainbow Woollahra Alley" by Gregory Fambart, 

2nd Prize -  ‘Moncur Street’ by Sally West

3rd Prize - Russell Prescott with  ‘Queen Street Reflections’

Highly Commended - "Yena, Queen Street Flower Shop” by Sally Aurisch

Highly Commended - “A Queen’s Boulevarde” by Viraj Tandon

Photos of the Exhibition and Prize Giving

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Photos of individual entries

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