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Old Photos and Contact Sheets

This page contains galleries of various photos and contact sheets scanned from QSWWA archives.

Waimea House Protest 1973

Around Woollahra Photos

35mm slides of Woollahra (possibly late 1980s)

Contact Sheets of Photos

Banjo Paterson

Photos and a video of the Queen Street Fair are on a separate page.  Click here to be redirected to it.

Waimea House Protest 1973

The photographs below show the 1973 protests against the Royal Blind Society's decision to knock down Waimea House and the state that the building was left in before the QSWWA and local residents took steps to preserve it. 

Around Woollahra

The photo gallery below contains miscellaneous photographs around Woollahra found in the QSWWA archives, including:

  • Churchill's Meats, date unknown
  • Tom Willhelm, QSWWA President, presenting a cheque for $1,000 to Peter James, Executive Director of the National Trust, towards the restoration of Juniper Hall in front of the renovations in 1986.  Click here for a sketch of Juniper Hall.
  • Dourhauer Car Park showing the sign for Madame Defarge on the wall, date unknown
  • Oxford Street in 1970s, probably from the Paddington Barracks
  • Two photos of a concert in the grounds of what was Ozanam Villa, 121 Queen Street, date unknown
  • Two photos possibly of the QSWWA Committee in the 1990s
  • Queen's Court with renovations nearly complete, date unknown
  • Former President Robin Brampton and others with a penny farthing bicycle, date unknown

35mm Slides of Woollahra (possibly late 1980s)

The gallery below contains scanned immages of a set of 35mm slidea of buildings and streets around Woollahra. The author is unknown, as is the date, but may be around the late 1980s or early 1990s (wild guestimate).

Contact Sheets of Photos

Below you can download various contact sheets of photos from the QSWWA archives which have been scanned in at high resolution. To be able to magnify the images, firstly right click and save to your PC.  Open the saved file with your photo program and use the magnifying function to zoom in and view individual photos on a sheet. Note that, because of the high resolution, these files are 2 to 4 MB and make take some time to download, depending on your internet connection speed.

Banjo Patterson Walk Plaque Unveiling 1997 Contact Sheet.jpg

Banjo Patterson Plaques by Helen Smith 1997 Contact Sheet.jpg

Queen Street Tree Planting by Council 1977 Contact sheet.jpg

Paving Queen Street 1997 Contact Sheet.jpg

Burnt out Uniting Church Jersey Rd 1997 Contact Sheet.jpg

Concreting Moncur St Contact Sheet.jpg

Queen St Music Hall _ Cabaret (date unknown) Contact prints 1.jpg

Queen St Music Hall _ Cabaret (date unknown) Contact prints 2.jpg

Queen St Music Hall _ Cabaret (date unknown) Contact prints 3.jpg

Banjo Paterson

Banjo Paterson came to live at West Hall,135 Queen Street, in 1903 aged 39, after his marriage to Alice Emily Walker at Tenterfield, and lived there for five years where his daughter, Grace, was born in 1904 and his son, Hugh Barton, was born in 1906. Paterson loved horses and kept a horse at West Hall, probably in stables behind the house, and rode it in Centennial Park.

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