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Proposed renaming of Fullerton Street - provide your feedback to Council

  • 16 May 2022 10:57 AM
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    Giles Edmonds (Administrator)

    This is a copy of an email sent to all members and associates of the QSWWA.

    Woollhara Council is considering a proposal to rename Fullerton Street to Ukraine Street. Fullerton Street is where the Russian Embassy is situated, and the proposed change is clearly aimed at embarrassing the Russian government in having to put the address of their embassy as in Ukraine Street. This action has been taken in nine other countries. The Council is asking for feedback on the proposal here, . We encourage all residents in Woollahra, and particularly those in Fullerton Street, to provide their feedback before the cut off date of June 3.

    Whilst supporting Ukraine and opposing Russia's unprovoked invasion, the Queen Street & West Woollahra Assocation is against this proposal for the following reasons:

    1. It may give Councillors a good feeling that they are doing something to support Ukraine but it is not them but the residents of Fullerton Street who will be seriously affected by it. That will manifest itself in each household having to advise all friends, utilities and other service providers that the street name has changed, which itself has the potential for creating confusion. Add that to the confusion when some sat navs list it as the new Ukraine Street and the other haven’t been updated and still have it as Fullerton Street. Putting this burden on Fullerton Street residents is unfair and there must be better ways for the Council to show support for Ukraine.
    2. This isn’t going to have any impact on Putin’s actions at all. He couldn’t care less what happens anywhere let alone here in Australia on the other side of the world.
    3. I suspect the Embassy will continue to use Fullerton Street as its address anyway, and post can all be sent to a PO box without a street name. Even then, if the Australian government gets serious and shuts down the Russian Consulate General, then changing the name to Ukraine Street will have no impact on Russia as it won’t then need to be listed anywhere.
    4. It sets a dangerous precedent that the Council can consider changing street names for political purposes. In this instance most residents would agree that opposing the Russian war in Ukraine is a worthy political aim, but future street name changes could be proposed for far more contentious political ends.

    Giles Edmonds, President, QSWWA

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