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DA 203/2021 for Funeral Home at 37 Ocean Street, Woollahra

  • 13 Jul 2021 3:13 PM
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    Paul Hopper

    To whom it may concern.

    As a resident and business owner on nearby Queen street I would like to object to this proposal as i don't feel it will benefit the community or indeed the local business atmosphere as its its certainly not promoting new business or interest in the area.

    As a "essential" or destination (all be it final ) business as it were, i feel that this does not need to be in use in a retail street style shopping area and adds nothing to the community & retail / business landscape.

    I don't see this as a missing asset to the Woollahra area at all.

  • 30 Jun 2021 6:13 PM
    Message # 10713337
    Giles Edmonds (Administrator)

    A DA has been lodged with for Woollahra Council proposing to change the use of 37 Ocean Street from an art gallery to a funeral home. Key documents submitted as part of the application can be found below or go to the Council website here and enter DA number 203/2021 in the Search box to view all documents submitted.

    Key elements of the proposal are listed below. The cut off dates for submissions was originally 24 June but this has been extended to 22 July due to the large number of objections received reflecting significant community concern.

    Submissions to Woollahra Council should be made to and must quote the DA number 203/2021. All submissions will be acknowledged and objectors will be invited to have their say at the Woollahra Local Planning Panel, where the application will be decided (see separate post for the planning decision making process).

    Key elements of the submission, primarily from the Amended Statement of Environmental Effects and Plan of Management, are:

    1. The current zoning does include use as a funeral home.
    2. The upstairs part of the property will be fitted out an let separately as a residence.
    3. The ground floor use is primarily an office for a funeral home business associated with the arrangement of funerals and memorials, and not a body holding or preparation facility. There would be occasional private viewings of the deceased at the premises for private viewings. (Note that the original Statement of Environmental effects stated "A maximum of 2 viewings are proposed per week with an approximate duration of 1 to 2 hours.")

    4. The business is envisaged to employ 2 full time staff who will be present during normal operating hours.

    5. It is envisaged that viewings will be conducted at the premises on a sporadic basis where it is expected that 3-4 people would attend a private viewing for up to 30 mins. The maximum number of attendees would be limited to 10 per private viewing.

    6. Viewings will be in a rear room. An internal partition and blinds on the front door will ensure that the viewing are cannot be seen from the street.

    7. For viewing purposes, all deceased persons will be prepared and dressed prior to viewing, transported to site, then removed offsite after the viewing.

    8. The rear open space of the property is to be developed with a carport / covered loading bay including a lift for transferring coffins from a van to the display room. There will be a roller door to the structure to Kilminster Lane which will be closed when a casket is being transported to ensure pedestrians will not be able to see it.

    9. There will be no traditional funeral activities either at or near the premises such as funeral processions or corteges.

    10. The proposed hours of operation of the funeral home are 8am till 10pm, Monday to Sunday, however normal business would be conducted between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. In the event of private viewings or urgent arrangements being required, the premises may be opened outside normal hours. In the event of evening viewings, all patrons shall be escorted off the premises by 930pm.

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